Green Force Protection service provides well-trained guards for the following purposes:

  • To guard entrances and screen guests/employees
  • Parking enforcement for both commercial and residential areas
  • To monitor clients' premises with video surveillance equipment
  • To protect clients' assets, employees and guests
  • To deter crime with visual presence
  • To organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergencies
  • To respond to customer and employee health emergencies and accidents
  • To eject unwanted customers, solicitors or trespassers
  • To liaison with police and city emergency responders

Having a concierge at your condominium can be a wise investment for your property. If you are interested in our concierge services feel free to give us a call at 416-893-8821.


Our security officers always provide you with professional, courteous and prompt service as a concierge to manage access, generate passes, and patrol designated areas. Some of the duties of Green Force concierge are following:

  • Control building access
  • Monitor the security system
  • Receive packages and deliveries while residents are away
  • Assist telephone & cable installers and other trades people
  • Supervise move-ins and move-outs
  • Regulate visitor parking
  • Enforce strata by-laws and deal with complaints
  • Respond to fire and other emergency alarms
  • Patrol common areas, including parking and amenities
  • Write daily shift reports and incident reports to log all common area problems and other unusual occurrences

And more…

Retail & Shopping Malls

Green Force Protection Services offers high-quality security services; we specialize in guarding against crimes taken place in retail stores, shopping malls, multi-level office towers, parking facilities, superstores, and entertainment centers. Retail establishments pose a range of security threats such as theft, vandalism, and safety risks. Our highly trained mall security officers ensure minimized risks, leaving customers and clientele protected in the highest degree. The presence of a security guard will guarantee on-site guardianship, with the option of either an uniformed or discreetly clothed security officer. Green Force Protection Services diligently works to cater to the specific needs of retail business owners and customers.

We understand the significance of quality customer service in the security industry. In a retail and shopping mall environment, we offer the following services:

  • Initial on-site assessment
  • In-person and mobile patrols
  • Theft, fraud, and loss prevention
  • Intruder/trespasser management
  • Concierge-style security guards
  • Parking lot control
  • Access control and key management
  • Monitoring and CCTV alarms
  • 24/7 live dispatch
  • Immediate emergency response

Contact Green Force Protection Services for more information on how we can ensure your retail business is adequately protected.

Manufacturing Plants

Green Force Protection Services offers the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully secure the valuable, industrial assets of a manufacturing plant. We develop customized security plans for our clients to ensure that their manufacturing plant is secured against theft, vandalism, and any unusual activity. Our security guards will ensure operational continuity and safety through successfully monitoring your manufacturing facility. Green Force Protection Services provides trained, licensed, and uniformed security officers to meet the needs of industrials and manufacturers with the highest level of professionalism.

With Green Force Protection Services as your security partner, we will work in close cooperation to protect your industrial sites and properties. We will provide you with the security solutions needed to secure your manufacturing plant, such as:

  • Initial on-site assessment
  • Threat risk analysis
  • In-person and mobile patrols
  • Immediate emergency response
  • Providing additional experienced personnel as needed
  • Conducting inspections and writing timely reports
  • Access control and key management
  • Monitoring and CCTV alarms
  • Safety and contractor watch
  • 24/7 live dispatch

For more information on how GREEN FORCE Protection Services can assist you with all your manufacturing security needs. Contact us today to learn more about what GREEN FORCE Protection Services can do for your manufacturing plant.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol security officers can provide our clients with the peace of mind of knowing their property is secure. Our clients place their trust in our officers to deter unwanted activities and secure their property. The quality of this important service is enhanced through the consistent application of best practices, which are expressed as a set of duties to which the officer adheres.

Since security patrols are random and not at specific times, burglars will see the patrol cars arriving and be hesitant that the patrol vehicle might show up again. Many times patrol officers will drive around the facility and do a walking patrol to find any unusual activity, graffiti or vandalism that may have not been there, and take note of it.

Security patrols are great for many reasons. Firstly, most patrol companies charge per drive, so instead of having a guard at the property for ten hours you can have a patrol drop by ten times during those ten hours and pay lesser than you would for having a stand guard. Many times Global Shield Security Patrols are done more frequently than ten times just to ensure everything is going well.

Duties required of security patrols:

  • Report activities that seem unusual
  • Create barricades in emergencies
  • Lock doors, windows, and laundry rooms
  • Report loitering and remove loiterers
  • Monitor suspicious activities and report immediately

Having a Mobile security patrol can be one the wisest decisions and investments you can make. And transition to a standing guard is at times very simple. If you are interested in a mobile security patrol feel free to give us a call at 416-893-8821.